Dr. Silton has Received the Following Teaching Awards and Honors:

  • Edwin T. and Vivijeanne F. Sujack Award for Teaching Excellence, Loyola University Chicago
  • Edwin T. and Vivijeanne F. Sujack Master Teacher, Loyola University Chicago
  • Center for Experiential Learning Faculty Fellow, Loyola University Chicago
  • Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy Spotlight at Loyola University Chicago

Courses Previously Instructed

  • Psychological Perspectives of Globalization (Psyc 100)
  • Abnormal Psychology (Psyc 331) 
  • Internship in Psychology (Psyc 390)
  • Neuropsychology (Psyc 552)
  • Neuropsychological Assessment (Psyc 553)

Notes about Graduate level course instruction

Dr. Silton typically teaches Psyc 552/553 every other year.  Psyc 552 is a pre-requisite for Psyc 553. Advanced undergraduate neuroscience majors may request permission to enroll in Psyc 552, but instructor approval is required. Waitlists for these courses are not available.